Did you know you can still claim PPI?

A court ruling named 'Plevin' means you could still claim back PPI even after the deadline has passed.

What is Plevin?

Often, when a bank sold PPI to their customers, they failed to disclose the commission they were paid. You may have thought the premiums you were paying, were for the cover only – but a huge percentage (up to 90%) of those premiums was made up of commission your bank received for selling you the policy.

As such, the failure of your bank to disclose this commission likely created an unfair relationship. As a result of ‘Mrs Plevin’ winning that court case against her bank, the ruling means that the full PPI premiums are able to be claimed back, plus interest.

Are you eligible to claim?

Did you pay a significant amount of commission to your bank for your PPI Policy?

Chances are that you did unknowingly and as a result, we’re working with specialist solicitors to help you claim back all of the PPI you are entitled to, irrespective of the deadline, by using the Plevin ruling.

Our solicitors have been very carefully vetted and are specialists in this field. All Plevin claims they undertake are strictly on a No-Win No-Fee basis, meaning you can rest assured you’re in good hands. In the event of an UNSUCCESSFUL claim, you pay absolutely ZERO.

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Having successfully reclaimed over £100 million for our clients over the last 10 years, you can rest assured your claim is in capable hands.