When will I receive my refund?

Approximately 8 to 20 weeks, however due to a case backlog at HMRC claims may be temporarily delayed. If we require any more information while dealing with HMRC, this could take longer.

What are Flat Rate Expenses (FRE)?

This means an amount of money that a taxpayer can get tax relief on. For example, the minimum deduction for the cost of washing your uniform is £60 per year. This means that if you pay tax at the basic rate band of 20%, then you are due a refund of £12 (£60 x 20%) whereas a higher rate taxpayer would be due a refund of £24 (£60 x 40%) per tax year claimed.

What tax allowances can I claim?

Please see our services page for a list of expenses that we can help you claim.

Why do I not get these expenses automatically?

HMRC does not always know if you are entitled to these expenses, so you must inform them to receive a refund. If you are a member of HM Armed Forces, you are already receiving uniform expenses through your tax code as HMRC has an agreement with HM Armed Forces. However, most other employers do not have this agreement with HMRC in place.

I have received a tax calculation from HMRC but not a cheque?

If you are due a refund, your calculation will say that ‘HMRC Owes You’. HMRC may combine several previous tax years into a single year. If you think this has happened, check for  ‘carried forward’ on your tax calculations. HMRC will send out your cheque within 3 weeks from the date of the calculation.

How many years can I claim for and how will any previous claims affect me?

You can claim tax relief for up to the last four years. If you have claimed in the past, you may already be receiving tax relief on certain expenses through your tax code. However, we can check this for you and identify whether you may be due any further repayments.

If I haven’t paid tax in the past four years, am I still eligible to claim?

If you haven’t paid tax in the last four years you are not eligible to claim or if HMRC has already refunded all the tax that you have paid in the last four years.

Will making a claim affect my visa status or any other benefits?

Your claim will not affect your visa or your ability to live/work in the UK. It will also not affect any other benefits such as working tax credits, child tax credits, JSA, and ESA.

Do I need to tell my employer I am making a claim?

No. This is a matter between the taxpayer and the tax office only.

Why can’t I claim for more than £2,500 of expenses?

The maximum amount of employment expenses you can claim per tax year is £2,500. Any higher figure will require you to fill in a self assessment tax return.