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Q1. Did you buy a car using car finance before January 2021?

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Q2. Did the dealer tell you they would earn commission on the car loan they provided?

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    • Please note, the financial services regulator, the FCA, has allowed lenders until September 2024 before they have to begin investigating these complaints.
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    What is mis-sold car finance?

    If you bought a car using Car Finance/Motor Finance/PCP then you could be due a compensation payout.

    If you've purchased a car using motor finance, you may be eligible for compensation.

    A new investigation has been launched by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) due to concerns that motor finance companies may have been unfairly rejecting mis-selling claims from borrowers who may have a legitimate clam for compensation due to undisclosed commissions, unfair interest rates and expensive hidden extras.

    Estimates are that up to £40 Billion could be due in compensation and that this could be as big as the PPI mis-selling scandal.

    Start your claim as soon as possible, as redress rules could set a cut-off date.

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    Have you been a victim? Direct Redress can help you

    You could be eligible for a claim if you have been a victim of any of the following:

    You bought a car using PCP / Car Finance before January 2021
    New rules in 2021 banned this type of hidden commission. If you purchased a car before this date and used finance, you could claim.
    Your lender or car dealer had hidden commissions
    Also known as discretionary commission arrangement, where dealerships would get increased commissions for charging you a higher interest rate.
    The contract wasn't clearly explained to you
    The car dealership didn't take the time to clearly explain to you the fees, total cost and interest rates involved with your car finance purchase.
    You financed the car using personal contract purchase (known as PCP) or hire purchase (HP)
    These are the most common types of finance arrangements when purchasing a car where you pay it off in monthly instalments.

    Don't worry if you are unsure, these are just some of the reasons you could have been mis-sold. It's our job to find out what you could be owed.

    How do I claim?

    We do all the hard work for you

    Step 1:
    Submit Your Details

    We've made it incredibly easy for you to apply. All we need is some basic details to get your claim started.

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    We'll gather all the necessary information directly from your lenders and then process your claim to get back the money you could be owed.

    Step 3:
    You Get Paid

    It's as simple as that, we do all the heavy lifting, and to get you back the money you could be owed.

    Remember, we offer a No Win, No Fee service.

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    Why choose Direct Redress?

    We've been successfully helping clients to get back what they are owed for 13 years.

    We put you first

    We put you at the centre of everything we do and strive to deliver a great experience for you. All of our customers receive our first class service.

    We do the right thing

    We're fair, honest and upfront, and do our best for you every time. All lenders have a responsibility to act fairly, and it's our job to hold them to account.

    We go the extra mile

    We take the time to carefully understand where a lender has acted unfairly and continue to fight your corner to recover the money they owe.

    Our dedicated team of claims experts will use their specialist understanding to carefully construct and present your case to lenders, keeping you updated every step of the way. We believe all lenders have a duty to operate ethically, and we are unrelenting in our pursuit to get you back the money you could be owed.

    How we help

    We've been helping customers with claims for over 13 years.

    We're well known throughout the industry for our huge success in reclaiming over £100 Million for our customers, across various types of claims.
    We take great pride in our customer service and always seek to deliver the highest standards of customer care. We strive for consistent, positive customer satisfaction.

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    Our Fees

    We work on a No Win, No Fee basis and our fees are charged only in the event of a successful claim on the win amount awarded.

    Our fees are in accordance with the guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority and are detailed in the table opposite.

    Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the win awarded, if there's no win there's no fee.

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    Refund Amount % Fee Rate
    £1 - £1,499 30%+VAT
    £1,500 - £9,999 28%+VAT
    £10,000 - £24,999 25%+VAT
    £25,000 - £49,999 20%+VAT
    £50,000+ 15%+VAT

    All of our irresponsible lending mis-selling claims are covered by our No Win, No Fee service.