Irresponsible Lending - what is it?

If you had a credit card or loan from certain lenders, you could qualify.

Lenders were only meant to provide these products if they were suitable, but instead they frequently increased credit limits or encouraged people to take additonal loans, without completing the proper checks.

If they did not do these checks correctly your account could have been mis-sold, and you could be due a refund.

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Some of the reasons you could claim for Irresponsible Lending

Below are only a few of the reasons you may have a claim. Don't worry, use our Free Assessment and we'll find out for you.

No affordability checks
Did the lender make affordability checks when you opened the account and if you increased your credit limit?
Unable to pay bills
Your payments for credit grew to the point that you struggled to pay for your monthly essentials like bills or mortgage payments.
You had to take out further credit to pay the initial one back.
Risks not made clear
Were you made aware of the risks associated with borrowing more?
Fees or charges not clear
When you took out the credit were the charges and associated fees made absolutely clear to you?
Encouraged to borrow further
Did the lender give you offers that encouraged spending, cash advances or better deals the more you borrowed?
Your circumstances
Did the lender take into consideration your situation and personal circumstances.
Unfair lending
Did your lender continue to offer more credit through debt consolidation?

Lenders should be conducting the required checks

Prior to receiving a credit card or loan, the lender must assess your income and essential expenditures. This data, coupled with information about any existing debts, is utilised to evaluate whether you can comfortably meet the new monthly repayment obligations.

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How do I claim?

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Step 2:
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We'll gather all the necessary information directly from your lenders and then process your claim to get back the money you could be owed.

Step 3:
You Get Paid

It's as simple as that, we do all the heavy lifting, and to get you back the money you could be owed.

Remember, we offer a No Win, No Fee service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are irresponsible lending claims No Win, No Fee?
They are. You only have to pay if your claim is successful.

What happens when a claim is successful?
When an irresponsible lending claim is successful, you should either:

  • Receive a refund of interest and charges associated with the borrowing or limit increase.

  • If a balance is still outstanding, or the account is in arrears, your refund will usually be used against this and any remaining amount will be paid to you.

  • Any adverse data from the account could be removed from your credit report.

A lender may choose to close an account following a successful claim.

Can I stop repayments when I make a claim?
It's advisable not to cease payments on your account after filing a claim for irresponsible lending. Halting payments may lead to additional charges, missed payments, or a default notice appearing on your credit report. If you find it challenging to meet your payment obligations, it is crucial to communicate with your lender.

What happens to my account whilst it is being investigated?
If your account remains active, the lender may temporarily halt its use during the investigation of your claim. Additionally, they might reassess your credit limit and engage in a discussion with you about a more suitable borrowing level.

Why choose Direct Redress?

We've been successfully helping clients to get back what they are owed for 13 years.

We put you first

We put you at the centre of everything we do and strive to deliver a great experience for you. All of our customers receive our first class service.

We do the right thing

We're fair, honest and upfront, and do our best for you every time. All lenders have a responsibility to act fairly, and it's our job to hold them to account.

We go the extra mile

We take the time to carefully understand where a lender has acted unfairly and continue to fight your corner to recover the money they owe.

Our dedicated team of claims experts will use their specialist understanding to carefully construct and present your case to lenders, keeping you updated every step of the way. We believe all lenders have a duty to operate ethically, and we are unrelenting in our pursuit to get you back the money you could be owed.

Our Fees

We work on a No Win, No Fee basis and our fees are charged only in the event of a successful claim on the win amount awarded.

Our fees are in accordance with the guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority and are detailed in the table opposite.

Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the win awarded, if there's no win there's no fee.

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Refund Amount % Fee Rate
£1 - £1,499 30%+VAT
£1,500 - £9,999 28%+VAT
£10,000 - £24,999 25%+VAT
£25,000 - £49,999 20%+VAT
£50,000+ 15%+VAT

How we help

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At Direct Redress, we believe that lenders have a responsibility to operate ethically. We work to hold lenders accountable when they engage in irresponsible lending practices and fight to get back the money you are owed. If you have been the victim of irresponsible lending, we are here to help. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to access credit on fair terms, and we are committed to fighting against irresponsible lending practices.

All of our irresponsible lending mis-selling claims are covered by our No Win, No Fee service.